Baliexclusivo give you the possibility to have access to the most beautiful Indonesian items for your business. More than 10.000 items Home Decoration and Garden decoration, Lighting, Furniture by order, handicrafts, Spa and Aromatherapy and Textile.

We do supply to wholesalers with all services that you will need as purchasing agent.

Visit our home decor and furniture Wholesale supplier Indonesia website.

How Baliexclusivo working?

1) If you come to Bali my purchasing agent will bring you to the factories to check the items that you need and help you to make a order with the best price from the factory.

2)If you would like to order from your country. My purchasing agent will looking for every items that you need and send you all info of them and photos.

After all your orders are ready our work for you still continuing. We'll check out all your items for quality control that you are expecting. If everything is ok from you, We'll continuing with the order for shipping to your country with all document and the best shipping cost-quality you will need.

We working with customers from Spain, French and USA with this method and they are happy with us.

We don't up the prices from the factories. We'll give you the best price. We'll only charge a % service commission for the total purchase amount depending of the purchase volume.

We are sure that we can give you the best price for your business.

Please. For any question and info 

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