Bali Island a handicrafts culture

Bali Island a handicrafts culture

The most famous wooden carving traditions can be found in Bali Island doing great distinction with skills to carving Balinese wood Panels one the most popular with tourist is Balinese wooden image carvings, Jepara lattice-like three-dimensional reliefs and Wood Masks. One of the most representative motif on the wood panels is the Lotus flower, it is present in all the holy places in Bali like temples and pricipal used as decoration for the typical Balinese house.

Bali is the primarily Island that is produced a new styles as Whimsical colored modern carvings to sell to home decoration.

The wood Mask, sale in stores, They are representing the way to communicate with ancestors, protection from evil spirits (the most famous Barong Mask), to acquire new personalities (Rangda Mask) or to get a great powers (as Garuda Mask).

The price may often be related to the kind of wood was used. Usually the woods used in carving are ebony, teak, mahogany, iron wood, crocodile wood and other kind of woods.

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